Evolution Gaining Greater Acceptance in the U.S.

Public views in U.S. are shifting toward support for evolution. I never understood this one. Maybe it because I’m Jewish and the child of a scientist, but I never saw the conflict with Genesis or the Bible. Genesis doesn’t really weigh in on the subject. Even a literalist view (which I certainly don’t have admittedly) could leave a lot of room for alternative interpretation. Opposition to evolution in the developed world is peculiar to the United States and is primarily found among evangelicals. Most others do not share this belief. I would truly like to better understand the reasons for opposition to evolution, because it’s so foreign to me. Perhaps there is a much deeper issue at play. If we could get at that, we might be able to address the real difficulty.


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One Response to “Evolution Gaining Greater Acceptance in the U.S.”

  1. Susan says:

    Having been anti-evolution until my twenties, I can give one person’s perspective. First, evolution was presented in an antagonistic way to people who were hearing about it for the first time. School systems were legally required to teach evolution and legally barred from teaching divine creation. Those who accepted evolution, at that time, were required to deny the ‘truth’ of the Genesis account of creation, thus turning the debate into a theist versus atheist struggle. In addition, the insistence that evolution was/is an intellectually superior concept than creationism provoked a knee-jerk reaction against the insult.

    Even if evolution had been presented in a more reasoned manner, I believe many who believed in a literal interpretation of Scripture would have rejected it based on simple fear. No one wants to be on the wrong side when it comes to God. When we look into the dark mirror at the things of God (I Cor 13) there is too much chance that we will come to the wrong conclusions, putting at risk our relationship with God. Believing literally in the Genesis myths is the safer route.

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