Changing the Minds of Climate Change Deniers

It’s occasionally possible for the facts to change the minds of climate change deniers. The politicization of this issue in the U.S.. as well as the anti-intellectual and anti-scientific basis of American evangelical Protestants and the power of corporate interests, has made the U.S. one of the only places in the world to have such a substantial number of people who deny the clear conclusions of science.  In the U.S., this follows the pattern of denying other scientific assessments, including evolution, damage to the ozone layer, the use of marijuana, the age of the earth, the dangers of nuclear power. and much more. (via Dianne Bazell)


Theories about the Origins of Life

This is fun (via Nelson French).  Where and how did life originate on earth?.


Prehistoric Bird Used Club-Like Wings as Weapons

This would be scary.


Early Hominids: The Denisovans

Another branch of the hominid tree.


Use of Tools Much Older than Thought
And this is 3.4 million years ago: Puts the use of tools at a much earlier date than formerly thought.


History in our Cells

Each person contains the history and memory of the species and the planet in his or her cells.


Humans are Earth Beings

Humans are earth beings (Gen 2.7), created from millennia of terrestrial DNA. To connect with our bodies is to connect with our primal origins.


Evolution and Religion
An interesting approach to reconciling science and religion on the issue of natural selection and evolution. Personally I never had the conflict.


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