Body Sensations

One of my practices is to focus my awareness on different parts of my body. Today I settled on my foot : particularly the heel, the ball, and each toe. Feeling my toes against a wall not only connects me to my to toes, but it also has the effect of rebalancing the muscles, tendons, and skeletal structure of my feet. It alters my torso as well and also helps to align my head, neck, and spine.


Freshly Laundered Clothes

I enjoy the sensation of freshly laundered clothes. It gives me a feeling of freshness, comfort, and possibilities.


Breaking Habits

Today I realized that breaking habits sometimes gives me more energy. I went on my daily walk, and it rained in a sun shower. That was new and energizing. Then I visited a friend recovering from a heart attack, and just hanging out with him allowed me to relax and feel a sense of calm that was not present earlier in the day.


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