How to Deal with Your Pets After the Rapture

At last a realistic and practical way to deal with the rapture and its aftermath: (via Michael Rebic)


Anti-Dolphin Killing Campaigns in the Solomon Islands and Indonesia

Anti-Dolphin Killing Campaigns are finding success:


Rider Removes Wolves from Endangered Species List

Yes, that sounds like a great idea. Congress is much more knowledgeable than scientists. That’s a no-brainer–not.


Dolphins Dying from Gulf Oil Spill

The number of dolphins in the Gulf of Mexico dying from oil contamination is substantial:


The Power of Symbolism

Here is my dissertation: ¬†‚ÄúThe Interpretation of Religious Symbols in the Graeco-Roman World:¬† A Case Study of ¬† Early ¬†Christian Fish Symbolism‚ÄĚ (3 vols): ¬†Yale University, 1993. ¬†Please note that the pagination in the PDF files, though close, is not exactly the same as in my original dissertation (due to formatting issues).

I originally intended this as part of a comparative study of ancient symbols, including the menorah for Jews.   Given the length of the project, this was not practical.  However, I regard my dissertation as comparative project whose goal is to understand the nature of religious symbolism.

There are many things that I would now change, including writing style. ¬†Of note is the Avercius (Abercius) inscription text, which has several errors; for a correct edition, see ¬†I also wish that I had ¬†included a section on the use of fish and fishing symbolism in the gospels. ¬†If interested, take a look at the text of a talk I gave on this topic in ‚ÄúEssays and Talks‚ÄĚ in ‚ÄúLarry Kant‚ÄĚ (

I have also somewhat changed my views of Freud and Jung.  I always appreciated them, but my dissertation is more critical of them than I would be now.

Diss1; Diss2; Diss3; Diss4; Diss5; Diss6


The Reinvention of Silk

An intriguing discussion of the variegated uses of silk, particularly spider silk.


Tajii Dolphin Hunt Ends One Month Early in Japan

At least this is one victory and another indication that there is a little space for humaneness in the human heart.  There is also increasing evidence for a growing inventory of unsold dolphin and whale meat in Japan, with Japanese consumers increasingly refusing to buy and eat this meat.


Even eagles need a push…

A moving story of an eagle and her child. ¬†‘The Push, about a mother eagle’s supreme act of love – to give her children a push – when her offspring were ready to leave the nest”:


Food and Farming Problems in India

India is having serious problems in feeding its own people.  This article touches both on weather changes (global warming) and on modern farming technology.  (via Nelson French)


Prehistoric Bird Used Club-Like Wings as Weapons

This would be scary.


Slaughtering and Torturing Dolphins in Taijii, Japan

If you are squeamish, please do not watch this video.  It is hard and painful to see.

The slaughtering and torture of dolphins is a tradition that no longer makes any sense.  Dolphins (and whales) are highly intelligent, sophisticated, relational sea mammals.  In Greek tradition, dolphins were sacred and viewed as friends of humans.  This video and others have brought attention to a horrible practice that we need to stop not only because of its violence and the slow, painful deaths of dolphins, but because it degrades our own moral conscience as human beings.

Larry (an article that summarizes the practice in Taijii)


The BP Oil Spill and Its Large Impact on the Gulf

Despite some assessments of the BP oil spill and the appearance of the Gulf waters, damage to coral, plankton, small creatures like worms, and soil is massive.  The foundation of the deep ocean life chain and ecosystem is in trouble.


Will Ocean Generators Affect Migration of Sea Creatures?

As we develop new green technologies, we will have to think about unforseen consequences:


An Amazing and Loving Dog (via Kim Komando)

This is what the owner said: ¬†“Presenting, Useful Dog Tricks!! Whoever said tricks can’t be useful? Jesse loves helping around the house, and I just love his happy attitude and smile on his face). Our relationship is based on mutual respect, understanding, and trust.”


Not Only Humans Are Persons

A “person” may be human, but a “person” may also be another life form, including other animals and plants. The world is filled with persons we don’t even realize are there.


Singing Puppies to Sleep

Ultimate cuteness.


Meet the Sloths

Very cute.


Hermit Crabs as Social Networkers

This is pretty cool: Hermit crabs and human beings as social networkers.


A Human and a Gorilla Reunite

A beautiful video story of a human and a gorilla reuniting.


Friendship Between Lion, Tiger, and Bear

The Wizard of Oz comes to life.


Watching Whales Watch Us
Here’s another article on whales. This one discusses the high level of intelligence and sociability of whales. I have certainly found the experience of a whale on the ocean a spiritual experience and deeply moving. The one I saw was exploring us as much as were exploring it. It seemed close to an encounter¬†with a highly intelligent alien being. The article suggests that perhaps whales are now willing to deal with humans after their long struggles with whaling.


Whaling Industry
Here’s one article dealing with whaling as an industry in the first half of the 19th cent. (until the time when petroleum was discovered) and the rough life of whalers.


Unlikely Animal Friends

Thanks to Deirdre Good for bringing this to my attention: the unlikely friendship of an orangutan and a hound dog.  A great story of sharing and fun.


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