Art as Protest

Art is one of the most potent means of protesting authoritarianism and affirming freedom, but artists face threats in many nations, including China.


Woody Woodpecker and Modern Art and Film

Shamus Culhane, the Woody Woodpecker animator, hid avant-garde art amidst the frames of this classic cartoon:


Google Art

This is a momentous development, making the art of the great museums available to anyone with an internet connection.  It will have a profound impact on world culture, erasing many geographical and socio-economic boundaries.  (Via Nelson French)


Fish Symbolism

Here is my dissertation: ¬†Laurence H. Kant, ‚ÄúThe Interpretation of Religious Symbols in the Graeco-Roman World:¬† A Case Study of ¬† Early ¬†Christian Fish Symbolism‚ÄĚ (3 vols): ¬†Yale University, 1993. ¬†Please note that the pagination in the PDF files, though close, is not exactly the same as in my original dissertation (due to formatting issues).

I originally intended this as part of a comparative study of ancient symbols, including the menorah for Jews.   Given the length of the project, this was not practical.  However, I regard my dissertation as comparative project whose goal is to understand the nature of religious symbolism.

There are many things that I would now change, including writing style. ¬†Of note is the Avercius (Abercius) inscription text, which has several errors; for a correct edition, see above. ¬†I also wish that I had ¬†included a section on the use of fish and fishing symbolism in the gospels. ¬†If interested, take a look at the text of a talk I gave on this topic in ‚ÄúEssays and Talks‚ÄĚ in ‚ÄúLarry Kant.‚ÄĚ

I have also somewhat changed my views of Freud and Jung.  I always appreciated them, but my dissertation is more critical of them than I would be now.

Diss1; Diss2; Diss3; Diss4; Diss5; Diss6


Photographic Memory

An extraordinary man who can see a place one time, memorize it, and draw it with astonishing precision–here Stephen Wiltshire draws Rome: ¬†


American Synagogues

This is a lovely video


We are the Antennae

We are the antennae that transmit the Source’s signals: art, beauty, ideas, knowledge, justice, truth, love.


Waking Anesthesia

Under waking anesthesia, life moves as a dream does. Time contracts. Moments take on greater meaning. Events do not flow from one to another, but from symbol to symbol, forming a poem and a painting.


Hidden Anatomical Sketches in Sistine Chapel?
According to some interpreters, the Sistine Chapel paintings contain hidden anatomical sketches


A Great Photograph

A great photograph is not a reproduction, but a distillation.


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