Lost in the Woods

When we’re lost in the woods, we can use a compass or follow a stream. When we’re lost in our lives, we can use the intuition of our gut and heart through which our true self and the Source speak.


Breath of the Earth

There is always a humming sound even in the quietest places: this is the breath of the earth.


Jews Don’t Camp


Oh to be a Mountain

Oh to be a mountain calm in the midst of every storm!


I am a Walking Tree

I am a walking tree. I am ancient. I hear the voices of millennia.


Urban Symphony II

Bird songs, leaves rustling, chainsaws, lawnmowers, sirens.  Urban symphony.


Urban Symphony I

Voices of birds. Hum of motorized vehicles. Urban symphony.


A Tree Rooted

A tree rooted in the earth feeling the sun’s rays. The ground’s juices. Heaven’s breath. Two realms linked in an ancient creature.


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