Mali and the Cruelty of Fundamentalist Religion


Mali is a wonderful African country with gorgeous music, a cosmopolitan history, and a diverse population, but Al Qaeda Islamists have wreaked havoc on the northen section, including the culturally renowned cities of Gao and Timbuktu. This is another warning about what happens when the fanatically religious take control of a society (take a look at Christian fundamentalists in Uganda who are persecuting gays). The embedded video is hard to watch, but powerful:



Carmina Burana in English and Pictures


Landfill Harmonic


“People say that we shouldn’t throw trash away carelessly. Well, we shouldn’t throw away people, either.” Favio Chavez, Landfillharmonic.  This is an orchestra from Uruguay that makes its instruments from the trash in a landfill dump  (via Dianne Bazell who excerpted this quote)





Carmina Burana Flashmob


Wonderful, lovely, and inspirational (via Dianne Bazell):


Adam Sandler’s Channukah Song Part 3


Bob Dylan and Judges

Bob Dylan has the largest influence on U.S. judges of any cultural icon.,0,7507838.story


Electomagnetic Harmonies

Underneath the noise are the hums, buzzes, and whistles of the earth’s vibrating voice waiting for us to listen and understand.


Gordon Pinsent Reads Justin Bieber’s Memoirs

This satirical skit is hilarious.  I’ve been laughing all day.   It shows how wisdom is a lot less likely to take hold at the age of 16 than at the age of 66.  Unlike music or science prodigies, individuals usually develop wisdom only with time and experience.  (Via Dianne Bazell and Greg Davis)


Pachelbel’s Canon in Dance Form


Vanessa’s Wedding

From Dianne Bazell:  A Jewish family celebration.


How Rock Stars Will Sing in their Old Age

“Tim Hawkins sings songs that famous Rock Stars will be singing in their old age.”  This is fun


Pachelbel’s Canon With Some Juice


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