How to Respond to the Boston Marathon Bombings

Whoever did the Boston Marathon bombings, lets make sure we don’t demonize a group of people, lump people into categories, or try to close ourselves off from the rest of the world. That would be the worst possible outcome I can imagine. Of course, we should protect ourselves and seek justice, but let’s make sure we keep our hearts and heads present and realize that we are living in a fragmented, broken, wounded world. We are all wounded. While we defend ourselves and seek to defeat terrorists, we also need to reach out to one another. It’s difficult to engage in battle and to reach out to others at the same time, but that is the task we have before us.


New York City Mosque
Ed Koch defends Obama on the NYC mosque (comparing Obama’s comments to George Washington’s letter on behalf of Jews) and condemns attempts to amend the fourteenth amendment.


Pardoning Billy the Kidd

“Gov. Bill Richardson of New Mexico is considering whether to grant a pardon to Billy the Kid. Among opponents are descendants of the sheriff who killed him.”


Great Warriors

Great warriors stand their ground; they do not initiate conflict.


Healing Rifts Between Poland and Russia

More on the theme of reconciliation: Here Poland and Russia


Lech Kaczynski and Polish-Jewish Reconcilation
May his memory be for a blessing. It’s very impressive how far Jewish-Polish relations have come over the last 75 years.


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