Life Pulses

Life pulses to a medley of rhythms.



When I feel my breath, I feel the presence of the Source. Awake and asleep, I inhale and exhale divine scents.


Reviving the Dead

“I could revive the dead, but I have more difficulty reviving the living” (Rabbi Simcha Bunim and Menahem Mendl of Kotzk).


Rhythmic Vibrations

Rhythmic vibrations of Harmony bore Feeling. When grown, Feeling gave birth to Emotion and Thought.


You and I

You and I: Where does one end and the other begin?


The Senses

Grasp with your feet. Walk with your hands. See with your ears. Hear with your eyes. Think with your heart. Feel with your mind.


Meditation and Prayer

Taking time to meditate and pray is one thing. Living in meditation and prayer is quite another.



I breathe. The earth breathes. The universe breathes.


I am a Walking Tree

I am a walking tree. I am ancient. I hear the voices of millennia.


Our Bodies are Mobile Trees

Our bodies are mobile trees, our legs the roots, our torsos the trunks, our outstretched arms the branches, our necks and heads the tree tops. We are rooted in the earth reaching out to the stars.


Our Bodies Are Poems II

Our bodies are poems, Every cell, tissue, nerve, muscle, bone, and organ are the words.


Our Body Are Poems I

Our body are poems with beauty and meaning found in every cell, tissue, nerve, muscle, bone, and organ.


Our Bodes Are Texts

Our bodies are texts in which we write the stories of our lives.


My Heart Beats

My heart beats, a tiny pulsating cell in the heart of humanity, in the heart of all life, in the heart of the earth, in the heart of the universe, in the heart of the multiverse, in the heart of the Source.


Body Sensations

One of my practices is to focus my awareness on different parts of my body. Today I settled on my foot : particularly the heel, the ball, and each toe. Feeling my toes against a wall not only connects me to my to toes, but it also has the effect of rebalancing the muscles, tendons, and skeletal structure of my feet. It alters my torso as well and also helps to align my head, neck, and spine.


Freshly Laundered Clothes

I enjoy the sensation of freshly laundered clothes. It gives me a feeling of freshness, comfort, and possibilities.


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