“How to Build a Progressive Tea Party”

Here’s an idea.  When government officials say we have to cut this or that service, what about the corporations and multi-gazillionaires who aren’t paying their taxes through off-short hide-aways or other loopholes?  When a state says, we can’t support this 50 million K program, what about a company that owes 50 million and hasn’t paid it?  Why is it that most of us shlubs pay our taxes, but corporations and the mega-rich don’t pay theirs?  In Great Britain, an organization called UK Uncut has created a sensation by staging protests and sit-ins at stores whose parent companies have not bothered to pay their taxes.

I don’t see this as solely  a liberal thing at all.  We should all have to play by basic rules that the law fairly applies.  That’s also a deeply conservative value.  Maybe tea party fans could join in too.  If an entity or person is not paying what they owe, then we have the right to pressure the government into making sure that they do.  This is inspiring.



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